blog of chicago based photographer BRIAN SORG

Billy Corgan Diptych. Shot for self-titled magazine. Read and see more HERE. Thanks again #Billy Corgan for your time! Also big thanks to Aaron and Andrew at self-titled for setting this up. - © brian sorg
Project Runway’s Casting Call for Marie Claire - shot back in April - Thanks Marie Claire and Lizzy! - © brian sorg
wrist candy & blue angles - © brian sorg
late night Berlin always impresses - © brian sorg
Laura Jane Grace w/ her daughter at home - © brian sorg
growing stuff - © brian sorg
this guy was literally preaching from his blackberry - © brian sorg
smoking by the tracks from “Davey” - 2007 - © brian sorg
i wanted to get closer to this creep, but i was literally too nervous - © brian sorg
grilled onions - © brian sorg
late night pizza sesh - © brian sorg
summertime dibs - © brian sorg
one like everyone - © brian sorg
leaked pic from the “new” Star Wars  - © brian sorg
so hood, skirting Sapporos - © brian sorg