blog of chicago based photographer BRIAN SORG

October bringing out the creeps!
also found one of my all time favorites, Roark Johnson - © brian sorg
looking on old hard drives last night i found this proud citizen from 2007ish - © brian sorg
@rachel_h2o stealing my toys
@jackedinger remember when we went on our 2006 #Eggleston hunt down south? Unfortunately we didn’t meet him, he was in NY. We did meet his son Winston and he showed us some original #kodachrome dye transfer prints. It was a great experience.
a sunny Rachel - © brian sorg
heels and crushed pbr’s - © brian sorg
! - © brian sorg
staying warm in a hot bar -  © brian sorg
Rex & Bit - © brian sorg
not city - © brian sorg
rachel in producer mode. watch out. - © brian sorg
mustard & onions - © brian sorg
choke - © brian sorg
Billy Corgan Diptych. Shot for self-titled magazine. Read and see more HERE. Thanks again #Billy Corgan for your time! Also big thanks to Aaron and Andrew at self-titled for setting this up. - © brian sorg